November 2-5, 2008
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Darren ADAMS National Center for Supercomputing App. (NCSA) The Dark Energy Survey Data Management System: The Data Access Framework
Anastasia ALEXOV Caltech - IPAC/IRSA A Case Study in Modernizing Software: The IRAS Scan Processing and Integration Tool ("Scanpi")
Alasdair ALLAN University of Exeter Getting out of the armchair: The dawn of the mobile observer
CRAIG ALLEN AURA - Gemini Observatory  
Christophe ARVISET ESA/ESAC ESA Science Archives and ESA VO tools
Dana BALSER NRAO The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Algorithms, Metrics, and Simulations
Klaus BANSE ESO Pipeline Processing at ESO
Sylvie F. BEAULIEU Universite Laval  
Ugo BECCIANI INAF - Osservatorio Astrofisico di Catania VisIVO. New integrated services
Jacek BECLA SLAC Towards Efficient Analysis of Astronomical Data at Peta-scale
Dominique BENIELLI Laboratoire d'astrophysique de Marseille The Herschel/SPIRE Spectrometer Pipeline
Bruce BERRIMAN IPAC, Caltech A Cost Benefit Study of Doing Astrophysics On The Cloud: Production of Image Mosaics
Jerome BERTHIER IMCCE / Observatoire de Paris The IMCCE's Virtual Observatory Solar System Web Portal
Juergen BERWEIN Max Planck Institute for Astronomy An Engineering Editor Tool based on the SOA application framework of the LINC-NIRVANA LBT interferometer.
Wilfred BLIGHT Trent University Efficient computation of local densities using galaxy pairs from the Millennium simulation
David BOHLENDER National Research Council Canada  
Jose Luis BORELLI Max Planck Institute for Astronomy A DirtI application for LBT commissioning campaigns.
James BRAATZ NRAO The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: The Observers' Perspective
Sylvie BRAU-NOGUÉ Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées  
John BREWER U.C. Berkeley A Web-Based Framework for Rapidly Building a Light Curve Warehouse
Alan BRIDGER UK Astronomy Technology Centre (STFC) The ALMA Observing Tool: A brief introduction and status report
Andrea BULGARELLI INAF/IASF Bologna (Italy) AGILE-GRID automated web-based analysis system for fast detection of gamma-ray transients.
Michel CAILLAT Observatoire de Paris  
Lorraine CALLAHAN National Solar Observatory Robustness Features of the SOLIS Automated Pipeline
Nicola CAON IAC Spain  
Nicolas CARDIEL Universidad Complutense de Madrid Upper and lower boundary fitting of data through least squares
Raphael CAUTAIN CNRS CoRoT pipeline final stage prepares autonomous light-curves for scientific community
M. TERESA CEBALLOS Instituto de Fisica de Cantabria  
Pierre-Yves CHABAUD LAM - OAMP  
Igor CHILINGARIAN Observatoire de Paris / SAI MSU Towards Direct Comparison of Simulations with Observations: Value-Added Services for the Horizon GalMer Database.
David CIARDI NExScI/Caltech The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute Archives: KOA and NStED
Mark CLARK NRAO The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: "When do I observe?" Guiding Users' Expectations
Jean CLAVEL European Space Agency Cosmic Visions...
Nathan COLE Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute A Study of the Sagittarius Tidal Stream Using Maximum Likelihood
Ross COLLINS Institute for Astronomy, Edinburgh Automated data releases for the WFCAM Science Archive
Andrew CONNOLLY University of Washington  
Alberto CONTI STScI  
Oisín CREANER ITT Dublin Large-Catalogue Optimisation of Quasar Differential Photometry Fields by Grid Computing
Nicholas CROSS Institute for Astronomy, University of Edinburgh. A new model for archiving synoptic data in the VISTA Data Flow System.
Tony DARNELL Astronomy Dept. Univ. of Illinois The Dark Energy Survey Data Management System: The Coaddition Pipeline and PSF Homogenization
Lindsey DAVIS National Radio Astronomy Observatory An Overview of the ALMA Pipeline System
Jean-Pierre DE CUYPER Royal Observatory of Belgium New astrometric reduction of the USNO photographic plates of the planetary satellites
Michele DE LA PENA Large Binocular Telescope Observatory On the Path to Binocular Pointing with LBT
Sebastien DERRIERE CDS  
Erik DEUL Leiden Observatory  
Daniel DEWEY MIT Kavli Institute Beyond spectra: Simulation and fitting of multi-dimensional X-ray data
Laszlo DOBOS Eotvos University Building a Database from the SDSS Imaging Data
Theresa DOWER STScI An Astronomical Data Resource Registry for the Virtual Observatory
Patrick DOWLER National Research Council of Canada  
Peter DRAPER JAC/Durham University GAIA - version 4
Martin DUBCOVSKY UC Davis - LSST  
Richard DUBOIS Stanford Linear Accelerator Center GLAST LAT Science Data Processing - Four Months Experience After Launch
Daniel DURAND National Research Council Canada  
Ken EBISAWA JAXA/ISAS JUDO and UDON -- dedicated web-tools for browsing and quick-analysis of space astronomical data
Alvaro EGANA National Optical Astronomy Observatory Cross-matching Astronomical Instrument Footprints
Daniel EGRET Observatoire de Paris (France)  
Jonathan FAY Microsoft Research Microsoft Research WorldWide Telescope
Thomas FENOUILLET Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille  
Pierre FERNIQUE CDS Aladin 6
Mike FITZPATRICK National Optical Astronomy Observatory  
Daniel FLATH SLAC / Stanford University GLAST Data-Processing Pipeline
Jordi FREIXENET University of Girona  
Carlos GABRIEL ESA / ESAC RISA - Remote Interface for Science Analysis
Jorge GARCíA YUS Gemini Observatory  
Séverin GAUDET NRC/HIA/CADC The Canadian Advanced Network For Astronomical Research
Claudio GHELLER CINECA The Italian Theoretical VO data center for simulated data.
Mark GIULIANO Space Telescope Science Institute Multi-Objective Optimal Scheduling for Space Science Applications
Claus GOESSL Univ.-Sternwarte Muenchen  
Sharon GOLIATH Canadian Astronomy Data Centre  
Raymond GONZALEZ Ohio State University  
Noel GORELICK Google Inc. Google Sky
Vladimir GOROHOV ENGECON State University, Sankt-Peterburg The research and development of cognitive visualization technology for the large volumes of getherogenious observation data
Michael GOWANLOCK Trent University  
Michelle GOWER National Center for Supercomputing Applications The Dark Energy Survey Data Management System: The Processing Framework
Matthew GRAHAM California Institute of Technology Astronomy 2020 - a pragmatic approach.
Yohann GRANET Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille SIMPOP - ENVOL : A VO compatible middleware available for any data type (Images , Spectra, data, Simulations,3D data ...)
Alasdair GRAY University of Glasgow Vocabularies in the VO
Norman GRAY University of Leicester, UK The SKUA project and the Semantic Web
Gretchen GREENE STScI Footprints for the Hubble Legacy Archive
Lincoln GREENHILL Harvard-Smithsonian CfA GPUs for data processing in the MWA
Steve GROOM IPAC / Caltech  
Preben GROSBOL ESO, Garching Operator interface for the ALMA observing system
Michael GROSS Universities Space Research Association. Planning and Executing Airborne Astronomy Missions on SOFIA
David GRUMM Space Telescope Science Institute "Correcting Background Streaks in HST Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 Data"
Stephen GWYN Canadian Astronomical Data Centre MegaPipe: the MegaCam image stacking pipeline
Jonas HAASE ST-ECF The HST Cache - A Technical Overview
Nigel HAMBLY University of Edinburgh All-sky multi-colour, multi-epoch SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey images now available in the VO through SIAP.
Robert HANISCH Space Telescope Science Institute  
Jules HARNETT NRAO Green Bank The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: The Scheduler's Perspective
Edwin HENNEKEN Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Exploring the Astronomy Literature Landscape
Norman HILL NRC/HIA/CADC The ALMA Request Handler
Rafael HIRIART National Radio Astronomy Observatory Integration and testing in the ALMA Control subsystem
Paul HIRST Gemini Observatory Design of the Gemini Data Refinery
Hanno HOLTIES ASTRON LOFAR initial operations, paving the way for scientific success
Gareth HUNT NRAO  
Aitor IBARRA IBAIBARRIAGA XMM-Newton SOC (ESAC/ESA) XMM-Newton Science Analysis Software: How to bring new technologies to long-life satellite mission.
Jorge IBSEN Associated Universities Inc / ALMA Observatory  
Mike IRWIN Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge "Automatic image detection and analysis for wide field surveys"
John ISAACS Space Telescope Science Institute James Webb Space Telescope - Mission Overview
Tim JENNESS Joint Astronomy Centre Developments in the Starlink Software Collection
Gilles JONCAS Université Laval  
Yves JUNG ESO Wavelength Calibration of VLT instruments: Different Strategies for Different Needs
Jeffrey KANTOR LSST Corporation  
Hillol KARGUPTA University of Maryland Baltimore County Scalable Multi-Source Astronomy Data Mining in Distributed, Peer-to-Peer Environments
David KAUFMANN Southwest Research Institute Mission Science Operations at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado
Atsushi KAWAI Subaru Telescope, NAOJ  
Mark KETTENIS Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe (JIVE) SCARIe FABRIC: Building a distributed software correlator for VLBI
Dae-Won KIM Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics De-Trending Time Series Data for Variability Surveys
Frank KITTMANN Max-Planck Institute for Astronomy IDL based AO Control Software for Laboratory Tests
Donald KNIFFEN Universities Space Research Association  
Mitsuhiro KOHAMA RIKEN New X-ray all-sky monitor MAXI appears soon
Shinjirou KOUZUMA Kyushu University Quasars and AGN candidates detected by cross-identification between 2MASS and ROSAT PSC
Ingo KREYKENBOHM Dr. Remeis Sternwarte, Bamberg The eROSITA Near Real Time Analysis Software
Martin KUEMMEL ST-ECF The ST-ECF ACS grism Hubble Legacy Archive Project
Shul-Hung KWOK W.M. Keck Observatory  
Kathleen LABRIE Gemini Observatory AstroData: An Active Abstraction for Datasets
Russ LAHER California Institute of Technology Designing the Science Data Quality Analysis Subsystem for the LSST Project
Vicki LAIDLER CSC/STScI Pysynphot: A Replacement for STSDAS.SYNPHOT
Uwe LAMMERS ESA/ESAC To boldly go where no man has gone before: Seeking Gaia's Astrometric Solution with AGIS
Robert LAMONTAGNE Université de Montréal  
Francesco LAZZAROTTO INAF IASF Rome SuperAGILE data processing services
Paul LEE STScI  
Ignacio LEON Science Archives Team (ESAC/ESA) Astronomical Space based Mission archives ready before launch: the Herschel Science Archive case.
Karen LEVAY STScI Using the Astronomical Literature to Enhance the MAST Archive
Deborah LEVINE IPAC (Caltech) The Design of the Spitzer Space Telescope Heritage Archive
Jim LEWIS University of Cambridge  
Tony LINDE University of Leicester Spacebook: resource sharing for astronomers using SKUA technology
Xavier LLADO University of Girona  
Charlie LOOMIS STScI  
Dyer LYTLE University of Arizona Improvements to the VIMS data search and calibration (VDSC) web interface
Dan MAGEE UCO/Lick Observatory  
Oleg MALKOV Institute of Astronomy, Moscow Binary star data base - BDB
Patrizia MANZATO INAF-SI / Trieste Astronomical Observatory Micro-simulations inside the VO: the BaSTI case
Paul MARGANIAN NRAO - GB The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Powered by the Web
Craig MARKWARDT CRESST/University of Maryland/NASA/GSFC Non-linear Least Squares Fitting in IDL with MPFIT
Malte MARQUARDING CSIRO ATNF The Australian SKA Pathfinder (ASKAP) software infrastructure
Stephane MARTEAU ESO  
Frank MASCI Caltech AWAIC: A WISE Astronomical Image Co-adder
Mike MCCARTY National Radio Astronomy Observatory The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Development and Testing
Sabine MCCONNELL Trent University  
Martin MELCHIOR University of Applied Sciences NW Switzerland Extending the Scope of Herschel Spectral Tools with Interface-Oriented Design
Jean Charles MEUNIER Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille EXODAT - The exo-planets database from the COROT Project : Evolution and Updates
Laurent MICHEL Observatoire Astromique de Strasbourg A Guided Tour of Saada
    Building an Astronomical Database with Saada.
Alberto MICOL ESAC  
Christopher MILLER NOAO Software Design, Process, and Testing for NOAO VO Portal
Doug MINK Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory A Data Pipeline for the TRES Echelle Spectrograph
Andrea MODIGLIANI ESO Reference objects identification: pattern-matching or first-guess model? A procedure to determine the spectral format of X-Shooter takes advantage of both techniques.
Matias MORA Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria Hardware device simulation framework in the ALMA Control subsystem
Koh-Ichiro MORITA National Astronomical Observatory Japan  
Christian MOTCH CNRS / Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg The X-cat-DB: A multi-wavelength view on the 2XMMi catalogue
August MUENCH Harvard College Observatory / MSR  
Bob NARRON SPITZER / Caltech SPITZER IRS Pipeline Toolset
Hitoshi NEGORO MAXI, Nihon University Ground Software System of Monitor of All-sky X-ray Image MAXI on ISS
Maria NIETO-SANTISTEBAN JHU GrayWulf: Conquering Astronomical Databases
Michael NOBLE Massachussets Institute of Techology Parallelizing the XSTAR Photoionization Code
Jonathan NORMAND Observatoire de Paris  
Arturo NUNEZ Gemini Observatory  
William O'MULLANE ESAC Gaia Data Processing Architecture
Karen O'NEIL NRAO Green Bank The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Demonstrating the System
    The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: A New Scheduling Paradigm
Francois OCHSENBEIN CDS, Strasbourg  
Masatoshi OHSHI National Astronimical Observatory Of Japan  
Eduardo OJERO-PASCUAL XMM-Newton, European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)  
Peter OKEEFE Trent University Star-Galaxy Classification using Data Mining Techniques with Considerations for Unbalanced Datasets
Stephen ORD Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics Image Resampling for the MWA
Inaki ORTIZ DE LANDALUCE Science Archives Team (ESAC/ESA)  
Stephan OTT ESA/ESTEC The Herschel Data Processing System --- getting ready for launch
Alexey PAVLOV Max-Planck-Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg  
Arlette PECONTAL CRAL (France)  
William PENCE NASA/GSFC The Battle Between Image Compression and Noise
Marta PERACAULA Universitat de Girona Detection of faint compact radio sources in wide field interferometric images using the slope stability of a contrast radial function.
Michele PERON ESO  
Meyer PESENSON California Institute of Technology Astronomical Applications of Image Inpainting
Joe PETERSON Southwest Research Institute An Automated Pipeline for the Processing of New Horizons Science Data
François-Xavier PINEAU Observatoire Astronomique de Strasbourg Statistical identification of 2XMMi sources
Raymond PLANTE NCSA Mixing the Public and the Private: Security in the Virtual Observatory
Dan PRESTON Harvard University / Tufts University Event Discovery in Astronomical Time Series
Pavlos PROTOPAPAS CfA, Initiative in Innovative Computing, Harvard The Time Series Center
Andrew PTAK John Hopkins University On-the-fly X-ray and Optical Analysis for the Virtual Observatory
Lee QUICK STScI The Hubble Legacy Archive (Data Release 2 Includes WFPC2 Observations)
Thomas RAUCH IAA Tübingen, Germany VO Software for the Spectral Analysis of Hot Stars
Umaa REBBAPRAGADA Tufts University Anomaly Detection in Catalogs of Periodic Variable Stars
Helena RELKE MPE Garching  
Armin REST Harvard University Detecting Light Echoes with Difference Imaging
Guy RIXON IoA Cambridge A security-facade library for virtual-observatory software
Anthony ROGERS STScI GALEXView: The new interface to GALEX data
Reiner ROHLFS ISDC The Evolution of ISDC to Future Projects
Martino ROMANIELLO European Southern Observatory  
Sergiy ROSTOPCHIN McDonald Observatory University Of Texas at Austin Hobby-Eberly Telescope Night Operations Software System
Arnold ROTS CfA/SAO  
Jose Enrique RUIZ Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía - CSIC GIPSY 3D: Analysis, visualization and VOTools for datacubes
Bart SCHEERS University of Amsterdam Database Techniques within LOFAR's Transients Key Project
Juergen SCHREIBER MPIA - Heidelberg The Herschel/Pacs Spectrometer Pipeline
Greg SCHWARZ American Astronomical Society  
Ryan SCRANTON UC-Davis/Google, Inc.  
Rob SEAMAN NOAO Data Products Program An Agent to Supervise Real Observations in a Virtual Astronomical World
    The NOAO Data Products Program: High Quality Science Data and Technologies to Enable the VO and the US OIR System
Eric SESSOMS NRAO The GBT Dynamic Scheduling System: Scheduling Applications of the Knapsack Problem and Sudoku
Richard SHAW NOAO Forensic Data Quality Assurance
Yuji SHIRASAKI NAOJ The Japanese Virtual Observatory in action
Keith SHORTRIDGE Anglo-Australian Observatory Talking amongst ourselves - communication in the astronomical software community.
Sergey SHUMKO Big Bear Solar Observatory Ice middleware in the New Solar Telescope's Telescope Control System
Ralph SHUPING USRA-SOFIA Overview of the Telescope Assembly Software Simulator for the Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy
Michael SIPIOR Joint Institute for VLBI in Europe The New ParselTongue
Riccardo SMAREGLIA INAF - OATs LBT Distributed Archive: A new archive ready for a VO and GRID environment.
Jan SNIGULA Max-Planck-Institut für extraterrestrische Physik The photometric classification client for PanStarrs1
Linda SPARKE US National Science Foundation/U. Wisconsin  
Darren SPRUCE European Synchrotron Radiation Facility  
Tomas STAIG Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria A Reference Implementation of a Generic Automatic Pointing System
Dan STARR UC Berkeley Real-time Source Classification using Berkeley's Transient Pipeline
Thomas STEPHENS NASA GSFC/Wyle IS A High Performance Spatial Query Engine for Large Data Sets Implemented for the GLAST LAT Data
Elizabeth STOBIE National Optical Astronomy Observatory FITS TIle Compression in the NOAO Data Management System
Mark SUBBARAO Adler Planetarium  
G A Shanmugha SUNDARAM JIVE-ASTRON-NWO MEqTrees Telescope and Radio-sky Simulatons, and CPU Benchmarking
Christian SURACE Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille A VO compatible Information System for 3D Fabry-Perot data.
Robert SWATERS University of Maryland The NOAO NEWFIRM Pipeline
Mark TAYLOR Bristol University STILTS Plotting Tools: Scriptable graphics generation from small and large tables
Peter TEUBEN University of Maryland Automated GUI builder in python
William THUILLOT IMCCE-Paris Observatory  
Douglas TODY NRAO An Applications Framework for Astronomical Data Processing and Analysis
Jan TROWITZSCH Max Planck Institute for Astronomy LINC-NIRVANA Observation Preparation Software: Design and Perspective
Luc TURBIDE Université de Montréal  
James TURNER Gemini Observatory  
Frederic VACHIER Observatoire de Paris / IMCCE  
Juan Carlos VALLEJO GMV, AD Planning and scheduling within the WSO-UV observatory
Christian VEILLET Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope  
Ricardo VILALTA University of Houston  
Ethan VISHNIAC McMaster University  
Vladimir VITKOVSKIY Special Astrophysical Observatory of RAS The study of cumulative jet formation criteria for the hydrodynamic model of active object
Gabriel WACHMAN IIC at Harvard University, Tufts University Classifying Variable Stars
Nicholas WALTON IoA, University of Cambridge PathGrid: The transfer of astronomical image algorithms to the analysis of medical microscopy data.
Steve WAMPLER National Solar Observatory A Scalable Data Handling System for ATST
Craig WARNER University of Florida FATBOY: Data Processing Pipeline for FLAMINGOS-II
Peter WEILBACHER Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam Advanced Data Reduction Schemes for MUSE
Marc WENGER Observatoire de Strasbourg/CDS  
Rick WHITE Space Telescope Science Institute Inside the Hubble Legacy Archive: AJAX and XSLT and VOTables, Oh My!
Andreas WICENEC ESO The ALMA Science Archive Portal Technologies
Ekkehard WIEPRECHT MPE - Garching The Herschel/Pacs Photometer Pipeline
Roy WILLIAMS Caltech VOEventNet: A Portal to Astronomical Transients
Xiuqin WU Spitzer/IPAC/Caltech  
Yoshiyuki YAMADA Kyoto University, JAPAN JASMINE -- Japan Astrometry Satellite Mission for INfrared Exprolation -- data analysis and accuracy assessment
Naoki YASUDA University of Tokyo Hyper Suprime-Cam Data Analysis and Management System
Stefano ZAMPIERI ESO The ESO Data Transfer System
Nelson ZARATE Gemini Observatory  
Ivan ZOLOTUKHIN SAI MSU Multiwavelength VO-based Search for LMXBs
Walther ZWART Joint Astronomy Centre