November 2-5, 2008
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Green Initiatives

For ADASS2008, the LOC has decided to make the ADASS conference a little bit more environment friendly. There is very little we could really do but even little here and there could make a difference.

So far we are proposing actions in two specific area, carbon offset and the participant material.

Carbon offset

Using this special web site, participants could, if they wish, buy back their carbon footprint. Of course flying less is the first step to reducing your carbon emissions. But some air travel is unavoidable: Certain business meetings cannot be transferred to a video conference, and families and friends want to visit one another. When you do have to fly, one option is to use Planetair or similar web sites to mitigate your environmental impact. As an example, a round trip between Frankfurt and Montreal is producing 0,59 tons of CO2 and the offset cost would be $15.05.

Delegate material

Also, in order to reduce the conference fotprint, the LOC have decided to minimize dramatically the material we will be given to participants. In fact, after a lot of discussion, we have decided to go away from the standard delegate bag. So if you want one, please bring one from a previous meetings. All the tourist material will be available at the registration desk rather than being distributed to all and eventually finding its way to the trash can. We are also contemplating doing exactly the same with the conference program which will be only available online. We might decide to have a few printed copies available at the registration desk.